Teaching Portfolio Table of Contents

  1. Teaching Philosophy
  2. Documentation of My Teaching
  3. Teaching Effectiveness
  4. Materials Demonstrating Student Learning
  5. Contribution to the Teaching Profession
  6. Honors, Awards, or Recognitions

Teaching Philosophy

How learning occurs

How my teaching facilitates students learning

Why I teach the way that I do

The goals you have for yourself and your students

How your teaching enacts your goals and beliefs

What, for me, constitutes evidence of student learning

The ways in which you create an inclusive learning environment

Your interests in new techniques, activities, and types of learning

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Documentation of My Teaching

2009 – Current

Digital and Web Design I


Syllabus 6630
Syllabus – Digital, Multimedia, and Web Technologies, 6630










Digital and Web Design II


Syllabus 6631








2008 – 2009

Keyboarding Technologies

Business Education Interest Block

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Teaching Effectiveness

An original flyer or brochure created to support a specific content objective.

  • Burton Program Marketing Flyer QR Code Generator, to generate the QR code and Adobe Illustrator for the overall design, this QR_Burton_Booklet_Campaign_Poster  was created to promote our school programs through the “Burton Booklet” to current and future students and parents. This booklet contains course descriptions of all the classes available at Burton and is also located on our website in a PDF document.
  • Infographic for Career & Technical Education poster was created using Adobe Illustrator and it represents ideas for related to Career Pathways for our Career & Technology Education department . This poster supported content generated by our Career and Technical Education Director.

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An original presentation created to support a specific content objective

Internet-Based Advertising









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Audio & Video

An original audio or video created to support a specific content objective

  • Visit my YouTube channel to view video demos that I have created for class instruction. These demos pertain to teaching students how to utilize Dreamweaver when designing/developing a website. Other tasks include the use of Photoshop to create web mockups and optimizing images for use on the web.

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