Teaching Philosophy

My goal is to continuously strive to improve my instructional strategies based on my target audience of students. This requires me, as the educator, to understand how each of my students learn and deliver an instructional strategy that meets their needs. In addition, it is my desire to pursue lifelong learning by consistently seeking ways to improve all areas of my teaching, from delivery of content to learning new content. This is especially important in the area of technology.

I believe each student should have an educational environment for which they feel secure, have a sense of purpose and can explore autonomy in their learning. As an educator, it is my desire to provide an environment where these three elements exist and so that students have the best opportunity to reach their fullest potential.

It is my belief, that each student has an innate desire to learn. Therefore, I feel the importance to nurture that desire by delivering an organized classroom, with consistent classroom management and the implementation of engaging differentiated lesson plans where students can learn to guide their own learning.

Before students are willing to learn, they need to feel safe and emotionally connected to the importance of what they are learning. This connection, in my opinion, is what drives the successful implementation of classroom management and lesson delivery.

When students feel safe and secure in their environment they begin to explore ideas of their own and in their own way. In my classroom, I always encourage students to discuss with me projects and ideas they want to learn about. Giving students the opportunity to provide input into the classroom lesson assists me as a teacher. With their ideas, I am able to create learning goals and activities that I know students desire. This makes teaching more enjoyable as well.

In conclusion, when students feel safe, have a sense of purpose and can explore autonomy in their learning in the classroom they have a greater chance at maximizing their learning potential.